7 TOP Google+ Photographs for May 1

published by ; May 3, 2013
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"Bison In Fresh Snow"
It's snowing to beat the band here in Colorado and I can't think of any better way to spend it than with these guys. I love springtime here, it always gives you some extra added touches in photographs. Captured at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR in Denver, Colorado.

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Green Ring

Fun shot form my recent Jewelry Masterclass:-) 


Ascending Allalinhorn (4.020m), Valais, Swiss

Uspon na Allalinhorn

My friend Darko on the glacier is following the path through crevasses.
There were really big one...

It was very sunny day so we could be in short sleeves on the glacier, usual summer dress code :)) but with ice axes and crampons :)
Summer fun or ljetna uživancija

Of course I went to the sea coast after few days to relax my knees after 5 days climbing over 4.000m. :)

Happy May Day and International Workers' Day
#mayday   #workersday   #laborday  !

Just returned from 3 hours hiking - go outside... :)

#waywednesday  +#WayWednesday  by +Peter Carroll +Rob Tilley 
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+Janusz Brakoniecki +Jean-Louis LAURENCE +Michael Muraz +Susanne Ramharter +Ela Kupiec  +Ugo Cei
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#take2seconds  +Take2seconds by +Trever McGhee #HQSPLandscape +HQSP Landscape by  +Rodolfo Seide +Johnny Minor +Terrie Gray +Nicolai Neijhoft and +Lani Banadera
#hqspnaturalother  by +Delcour Eric +Blake Harrold +Valesa Diamontes 
#LeadingLinesMonday +Pam Boling +Andreas Levi +David Murphy +Elle Rogers +Michael B. Stuart +Simos Xenakis
  • Photographer Dalibor Pačić
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Elephants are living treasures. Nature's gardeners. Nature's great teachers. Tragically some people don't give a damn. They prefer the dead treasure to the living one. The ivory. We must challenge this so-called 'trade' with all our might and shame on those who would condone it. ~ Virginia McKenna OBE Founder & Trustee: Born Free Foundation

"Post mud bath stroll"

For #ThreatenedThursday  curated by +Sumit Sen +Anette Mossbacher +Diego Cattaneo and myself
#ElephantWednesday  by +Diego Cattaneo +Matthias Haeussler and +Louisa Catharine Forsyth 
#WholeWildlifeWeek +Whole Wildlife Week 


It has been an unusual cold and long winter in Germany but for the last couple of weeks the weather has finally improved. It is still a mixed bag though and I didn't have the chance to shoot the motifs I have in mind yet. So I pulled a photo from my archives that I captured more than two years ago. I photographed it during a very warm and nice spring day with my photographer buddy +Stefan Köber.

Unfortunately during that trip I must have been so amazed by the nice weather that I somehow forgot to check my ISO settings and did most photographs with ISO 1600. However, with the latest Lightroom version I found that noise reduction works much better. Also, it gives the photo a more "painting" like look. Still, I'm looking forward to capture some of these golden fields in the coming weeks with better technical qualities.
  • Photographer Andreas Wonisch
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


A Walk in the Woods (Also on Flickr: http://bit.ly/18dy9jU)

A winding trail leads through Redwood National Forest as a glowing sun sends light rays through the trees.

Prints/cards available: http://www.redbubble.com/people/zerodean/shop

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This shot was taken at #FallenLeafLake near #LakeTahoe in #California . This one again was taken using a 10-stop B+W ND filter @ f/22 and 30 sec and processed using #NikCollection's #SilverEffexPro and #Adobe's #Photoshop. Enjoy!

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