10 TOP Google+ Photographs for May 22

published by ; May 24, 2012
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When fragility rise above the crowd


stroke of light
me & Berlin

This was the first LE shot I really liked from the ones I took in Berlin at the +GPlus Euro Photowalk. It was taken on the first day I arrived there, before having even met anyone from the photowalkers.
The clouds were absolutely glorious that evening. I remember I was jumping up and down, laughing by myself seeing them as they were coming from behind the building and people at a cafe nearby were looking at me then looking at the building and the sky, then again at me and smiling somehow condescendingly, somehow curious... Maybe they were thinking that I had a vision. Which, by the way, was right :) In another way than they were probably thinking, but right !

This is the Jannowitz Center, situated right next to the Jannowitzbrücke, and I stumbled upon this building by pure chance, as I was looking for another one and kind of got lost. That's why I love to get lost, every time I find something interesting I didn't know of. I never found the other building, btw. I was in a wrong neighborhood anyway. This is only a small part of it, but this building is very large. It's a commercial center and it has a lot of the elements I like to play with when designing a building myself. First of all, irregular shapes and volumes that intersect each other, different textures and materials put together and a lot of transparency that gives you the possibility to explore how the spaces work with each other. As for the photography part, it has a lot of interesting angles, but I only took this one. I knew from the moment I saw it that this was MY angle.

After this shot I knew I had what I wanted and came right back to the hotel. And guess who was there in the lobby? Sweet +Athena Carey and +Michael Diblicek !!
...and then everything began!!!!... :D

Thank you Berlin for being such an amazing city and for being the perfect background for meeting the wonderful people I met there. Still miss you guys!... :)
#gplusphotowalkberlin #berlinphotowalk #europhotowalkberlin +GPlus Euro Photowalk
#ArchitecturalVisions by +Joel Tjintjelaar & me, #BWFineArtLE by +Joel Tjintjelaar #FineArtPls by +Marina Chen #PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek


updated "monochromatic nature" album

#monochrome #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography


Tomorrow: The +Google+ Photographer's Conference "Unconference" Session

Tomorrow is gonna be a fun day. I'm still in San Francisco at the +Google+ Photographer's Conference, and at 4:15 PM will be doing a live food shoot during the "Unconference" session. Exact location is TBD, as it will very likely be near a window and I still have to find the "right" spot (gotta find some good-old-fashioned natural light). I'll be sharing the steps I go through to create a food shoot, and talk about lighting, camera setup, composition ... and whatever else I can fit in during the time we have.

There will be a lot of other sessions going on at the same time, so even if you're not into food photography I'm sure you'll find something well worth your time. :)



Baobab Sunrise

All the eclipse photos I've been seeing lately made me want to take a look back through some sun photos of my own. Here's one I found, taken early one morning in Madagascar as the sun rose between some baobab trees. This was a beautiful spot and, apart from a few local villagers going about their morning routine, I was the only one there.

#africantuesday, curated by +Morkel Erasmus and +Johan Swanepoel (+African Tuesday)
#TreeTuesday, curated by +Christina Lawrie and +Shannon S. Myers (+Tree Tuesday)



"CherieMarie" Session

Model: Andra Stefan
Make-up: Antoaneta Dan
Clothing: "CherieMarie" by Magdalena Ghencea
Location: Studioul.ro
Lightning: one 1000w octobox in front/left of the model.




"Drunk Young Elephant"
Singita, Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

So with a hectic 2nd round of African Tuesday ( #africantuesday ) behind us, it's time to get back into the swing of other weekly image submissions.

Wednesdays is a favourite - for 2 reasons...
1. #elephantwednesday curated by the indomitable +Diego Cattaneo, +Louisa Catharine Forsyth and +Matthias Haeussler
2. #wednesdaywildlife curated by the talented +Mike Spinak

I would also like to submit this to:
3. #oneprimewednesday curated by +Alfie Goodrich
4. #weneedalaughwednesday curated by +Pat Kennedy Corlin
5. #plusphotoextract curated by +Jarek Klimek

These 2 young elephants...and infant and its bigger sibling, provided for a lot of fun in the Sabi Sands recently. The older one was swaying as if drunk on too much wine, and leaned against its younger sibling for support.

Shooting Techs:
Gear: Nikon D3s, Nikkor 500mm f4 VR-II
Aperture: f8.0
Shutter Speed: 1/320
ISO: 2500



On Sunday I made the off trail hike deep into one of the Columbia River Gorge's most amazing spots, this time trudging up the creek the whole way. The recent run of warm days has left the Gorge exploding in green. Such an awesome time to be out there! I also lucked out with gentle winds which helped freeze the foliage, something I contended with last year at this spot.

Spring Explosion
  • Photographer Michael Bollino
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


  • Photographer Elena Karneeva
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


The Refuge (HDR Panorama) ( Details: bit.ly/fp-refuge )

I think I owe you an apology!

Over the last few weeks, I have been less active here on G+ and elsewhere in the Internet than I used to be. I am sorry if I ignored any of your comments or posts lately. I do cherish every one of them, and I try my best, but I just have very little time at the moment.

The reason? A new project!
The reason is that I am fully engaged in a new project that I am very excited about. I am taking the basic concept of my website (hands-on practical information about photography), enriching it and putting it into a new format for you. If you like my HDR Cookbook [ bit.ly/hdrcookbook ], you will love this. It will be more detailed, more accessible, even more hands-on, and it will eventually cover a much broader range of topics.

I will give you further information soon. So, stay tuned!

About this Image
This is an HDR panorama composed of 25 shots. I have manually taken 5x5 exposure series, merged and tone-mapped them before I stitched the panorama and did the post-processing. If you want to learn more about the techniques I use, go to [ bit.ly/hdrcookbook ].

#photography #panorama #hdr

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This is a picture I really appreciate because it was the one that made me decide I wanted to be a photographer. I started to save money and a year after, I bought my DSLR and started to get deeper into this magnificent world which is photography.

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