10 TOP Google+ Photographs for March 7

published by ; March 9, 2012
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10 awesome TOP photos published by Google+ photography enthusiasts on March 7.

Light rays on a rarely used road in national park Šumava, Czech Republic.
#PlusPhotoExtract curated by +Jarek Klimek
#Photography #Šumava


Snow Falls On The Lake In The Woods... Donner Lake, CA
There would never be another moment
Just like this.
With the snowflakes arranged just so in mid flight...
and the lake herself holding her breath to keep still.

Here's one from 2005!
Big snow year... with yet more was falling as I pressed the shutter.
Praise be to updated processing skills!
They make diving into the archives like discovering hidden treasures.
I loves me some hideen treasures. ;-))


[the ones who will not let go]

when the world turns cold
and happiness seems a dream
there are still the ones
who will not let go of love
  • Photographer William Mazdra
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Here is a re-processed, version of an earlier post. This is Sunset At Mono Lake.

#PlusPhotoExtract +Jarek Klimek


Cappadocia (Göreme Milli Parklar), Canon EOS-1Ds


The Perfect Exposure, Lyubov Orlova
See the dramatic before/after shot at www.kylefoto.com

The Lyubov Orlova, this ship named after a famous russian star had it’s hey day, but it certainly isn’t now. I had taken many voyages on this bucket of rust and I’ve decided to post about it given it’s intimate history with the Antarctic. It has recently been bought for $275,000 in the hopes that it’s worth more than that in scrap metal.

My first impression venturing on board was doing life boat drills noticing to my horror that the life boats were not covered. Knowing if this ship ever sunk in Antarctic waters during a strong storm I would be floating but I would still be exposed. I remember formulating a plan to jump inside the much more appropriate inflatable covered life rafts with the russian crew where I would certainly be warmer.

Running my hands along the outside of the of the ship was a very textural affair, 30 years of paint caked on the hull seemed to weigh the ship down and crust off with a slight touch. The skin of the hull was sunken in except for where there were reenforcing bulk heads, sticking out like the exposed ribs of a starving horse. I imagined how many bumps and scrapes this ship had to experience to have so many panels dented and bent inwards and had to stop thinking of such things as I listened to the creaks and groans echoing through the ship at night if I wanted any sleep.

Despite her crotchety demeanour, the Lyubov Orlova’s hallways echoed with the sound of joy and laughter. Filled with the gleeful faces of passengers who just saw their first humpback whale surfacing beside an iceberg, giggles of the people in the bar reminiscing over the farts and sneezes of the elephant seals. If the outer decks could speak they would talk of the feeling of awe so many thousands of people felt as they saw their first iceberg and the grand view of antarctica opened up before them. Who knows what this ship has seen, I’m sure if the cabins could speak they might talk of many nights of love an passion.

Photographic Details:
With this shot I got “the perfect exposure” not so bright that the highlights are overexposed, not too dark that there are no details in the shadows, this is what one would consider a perfect exposure and all without HDR. Yet the original image looks like garbage, it’s flat, has no contrast and the sky looks grey. I was there, and that sky was not grey! That old ship wasn’t bland dark blue it was royal blue and bright orange, and despite it’s age the fresh coat of white paint was stark white.

Thank goodness I shot this one in RAW.

Of course in lightroom I increased the contrast and selectively brightened the ship with the brush tool set to exposure. With about 4 adjustments I’ve gotten a wildly superior image that is far more like being there than the original image expresses.

I was also experimenting with a wide angle fisheye lens, I really loved the extreme distortion but quite frankly it’s a little too much and quite gimmicky. I do like how the distortion leads your eye to the centre of the image, and how it adds a sense of drama, but use this lens too much and you might bore your audience, use sparingly.

See the original shot before processing at www.kylefoto.com to compare!

For #wideanglewednesday curated by +Asif Patel
  • Photographer Kyle Marquardt
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


“Los Angeles makes the rest of California seem authentic” - Jonathan Culler

During a walk around Downtown L.A. a couple of weekends ago with +Robert James Gibbons and +Brent Fishman, we decided to stop by the Los Angeles Public Library. It had been some time since I was there last, so everything felt very fresh and new to me. Especially now that I enjoy photography, I was really seeing the interior of the building in a whole new way.

We went up a couple of floors to the Rotunda (just outside of the Tom Bradley Wing) to check out the beautiful artwork that decorated the high walls and ceiling. This is part of a 4 part mural by artist Dean Cornwell which is supposed to depict the history of California. It's beautifully painted and an incredible sight to see.

#BreakfastClub #photowalkLA


Winter Dream

A few days ago i finally managed to produce some shots that i have planned for quite some time. The last 2 years the conditions have never been the way i wanted it to be. Either the aurora was in the wrong place or it was missing completely. This location is also a full moon place. Normally i dislike shooting under a full moon, but this particular shot needed a bright and defined landscape. Finally i can put "check" next to this previsualized shot.

I also did a big fat panorama that turned out interesting...posting that later..

Take care!




Amazingly, I still have lightning shots from last summer that I haven’t posted yet! If you grabbed a copy of my Stormchasing Arizona book, you’ve likely seen this already.

This was an amazing night with some spectacular lightning strikes hitting all around Casa Grande. I was so stoked when I saw the first strike from the truck and knew I could stop and line it up with this cell phone tower.

Cannot wait for this season…have a major hankering for some lightning chasing.
(canon 5d mark ii, canon 70-210mm f/4, 125mm, iso 200, f/8.0, 20 sec)


"I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see."

Duane Michals

Photo by our supporter Iiro Rautiainen

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