14 TOP Photos for January 7

published by ; January 9, 2012
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14 amazing TOP photos published by Google+ photography enthusiasts on January 7, 2012.

In December of 2011, +Randy Jay Braun asked me to be a Mentor with his +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers . My first instinct was to say, NO WAY, Randy... I need to be IN that program, not mentoring a group of my own. But he is very persuasive (translate, Bull headed) and so here I am.;-) I owe him one, because the group of women I have been working with for the past week and a half and will continue to work with for the next 7, has given me every bit as much as I have given them and their enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge is sparking a fire in me I simply did not expect.

I asked them this past week to do three simple things. First... and this one made me groan, was to read their camera manuals and come back with one new thing they didn't know before. I think they shocked themselves with how easy it was to find answers, right in that little manual. Second, I asked them to identify 4 personal photography goals for 2012. They came back to me with way more than 4. Reminds me that we're all here for the joy of it, and that is a wonderful thing. And finally, I asked them to get down on their bellies and shoot from that perspective. It was an assignment that had us all laughing and complaining about how hard it is to get back up again these days. They came back with some abstract, textured, thought provoking and beautiful images, full of light. In time, I hope they will allow me to share some of their images with you.

I also want to make a plea to some of you. Being a mentor takes time, but I can already tell you that I am certain it will stretch me as much as it stretches them. Randy has approximately 500 people on that waiting list, wanting to participate in a mentorship program, but there are very few mentors making themselves available yet. I can think of way more than a handful of you who would be quite good at this. I won't call you out yet but I do want you to think about it. He'll need more help when the March session rolls around. Check out the page, and give it some thought. I leave you with the same quote I left them with, as I seek to draw out their vision, and maybe...yours.

“People are more inclined to be drawn in if their leader has a compelling vision. Great leaders help people get in touch with their own aspirations and then will help them forge those aspirations into a personal vision.” ~John Kotter

I am drawn in by the vision of others. I hope to draw others in by mine. And just think...you too can crawl around in the snow on your belly and come in all muddy and wet and freezing with a big gigantic smile on your face, because there are hearts full of enthusiasm sharing some space with you for awhile and sparking your own. Funny how the smallest things can change you, if you let them.♥


Lion baby with brother, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

This is Lion baby is not more than 14 days old, he still has his birth eye color. His big brother was very patient with him. But as he has always annoyed him, he struggled slightly and bit in his ear. The little one cried for his mother! :)
This photo was taken before bush breakfast! :)

My contribution for #Caturday by +Lee Daniels +Christophe Friedli
#BreakfastClub #PlusPhotoExtract


Something Old for Something New. For - the #PurpleCircle

The gaggle of people curating this is being established and the circle is still in the works, but I thought I would help get it started! +lynn langmade is quite possibly the ringleader :)

#purplecircle #olympicmountains


Just a few of my waterfall images to share. Hope you enjoy them. I have been itching to get out and shoot some lately. I guess remembering these will have to do for my fix today. If you are interested in seeing and shooting some of the most amazing waterfalls that Oregon & Washington have to offer in the peak of spring, please consider joining us for our Waterfalls & Workflow workshop in April. The workshop is half full already but we have a few spots left.



Only worldwide protest can save the last intact ungulate migratory grounds on Earth from destruction. We cannot afford to sacrifice millions of years of evolution to short-term profits. Experience has shown that once the money moves on, only devastation remains.
Read here my article from the Serengeti http://www.serengeti-wildlife.com/stop_the_serengeti_highway_english.php and here http://www.serengeti-wildlife.com/serengeti-road_-_only_crisis_or_opportunity.php
#SunsetSaturday curated by +TJ Kelly
#Photography #Serengeti #Masai_Mara #Wildlife_Photo #Wildlife #Africa #Canon #digital
  • Photographer Uwe Skrzypczak
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


streets of Oslo, king of the night



Not everyone is upset to be photographed in the street. In fact, I'd say that about one out of a thousand strangers will react like this.

#YouCaptionIt #Smilography #StreetSaturday
From: www.BeckermanPhoto.com


~The Cape~

"Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away" –Sarah Kay

Here is an image from Cape Kiwanda on a very typical cloudy day along the wonderful Oregon coast. Happy Saturday my friends!!

#SepiaSaturday (+Renee Stewart Jackson), #PlusPhotoExtract, #POTD


Here is another of my personal TOP 10 images from 2011.

A Puffin with Sand Eels in the pouring rain...


Re-sharing a favorite today for all of the new followers. Have a great weekend!
#PaintItSaturday curated by +Alexius Jørgensen

  • Photographer Anthony Gelot
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Photo by our supporter Julia Anna Gospodarou

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A moment is eternity

a tiny island near Athens, somewhere at Porto Rafti, coming out of the waves like a prehistoric mountain peak, a place "clean" from human presence, or from any kind of presence, for that matter, a piece of land lost in the middle of the sea, that always reminds me of how lasting everything around us is, and how ephemeral we all are, but how intense and with how much enthusiasm we live this moment we have here.

I always wanted to photograph this place as a LE, even before knowing what this is, how you can do it, and if you can really do this with a camera and not only as computer processing. you've seen this before in my images and you're going to see it again, but this one is the only one so far that shows the essence of this place: a triangle, a line, and the rest is eternity...

I'd like to dedicate this to all the lovely LE people that I found here and that don't cease to inspire and amaze me!

thank you! :)

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