12 TOP Google+ Photographs for January 5

published by ; January 7, 2012
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12 amazing TOP photographs published by Google+ photography enthusiasts on January 5.

Always watch your back... Now, the question is... Did that lil' bird survive..?

Photoshop CS5.



Buggy Friday: Bees and Bugs – Butterflies and Beetles.
Curators +Ray Bilcliff and +Sherry McBriar
Use Tag. #BuggyFriday




This will be the last "wheel" photo for this series, but there are more images from Windang to be uploaded in the following days. I see this has already been uploaded.....even though it said it didn't.


"Channeled" - http://www.createwithlightphotography.com

This is an 85 second exposure, shot from the rocks at Tonquin Beach in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

I used a 10 stop ND filter, plus a 2 stop soft grad ND filter to separate the sea and sky, tonally speaking.

This is my contribution to the #LongExposureThursday theme, kindly curated by +Francesco Gola and +Le Quoc , the #ThirstyThursday theme, kindly curated by +Giuseppe Basile and +Mark Esguerra , the #FineArtPls theme, curated by the lovely +Marina Chen and +FineArtPls , the #BWFineArtLE theme, curated by the amazing Mr +Joel Tjintjelaar and +Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery , #InMotionThursday curated by +Scott Thomas , #SquaresAreSassy curated by the man himself +Nathan Wirth and finally the #PlusPhotoExtract theme, run by +Jarek Klimek

All thoughts and comments welcome.

Please visit my website to view more of my images: http://www.createwithlightphotography.com

#PlusPhotoExtract #GrantMurray #CreateWithLightPhotography #BWFineArtLE #FineArtPls


#BirdPoker In Water curated by +Phil Armishaw

Redhead Diving
Taken laying flat on my stomach on wet ice on the Detroit River

#birds #photography #naturephotography


Lightning Bolt striking the Sierra Buttes, during summer thunderstorm above Packer Lake, Sierra County, California

This is the last in a continuing series, completing my Top Photos of 2011 album on G+. Thanks to everyone that has commented, shared, or +1'd my images from this series of posts. It's been truly appreciated. Cheers! - Gary.



On Biting Your Thumb At Mother Nature To Get The Shot
It seems to be the case that harsh weather makes you most miserable in that first hour or so of shooting. Especially in the biting cold with wind smacking you around like you owe it money. Your eyes are dropping tears uncontrollably that are neither from extreme happiness or sadness - it's just that cold out.

And there you are, standing still while your camera is going through its long exposure. You're hoping that the wind isn't blowing hard enough to move the camera or tripod. You're also hoping that the wind won't blow your camerabag-slash-couterweight against the tripod logs. All in all, you just want your camera to remain as still as you are - both taking a beating from the cold.

And then you hear the mirror drop. The exposure is done. There is this millisecond or two before you look at the LCD screen (after you wipe away the stream of tears from your eyes) that you sneak in a quick prayer... "_Please, PLEASE Lord of the Tack Sharp Exposure... hear my prayer and give me a good image.!"_ You press the preview button and the shot comes to life on the LCD. It's looking good. It's looking goooo.... oh wait. Damn. You magnify and see that, nope, the camera moved so slightly. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Start over. Queue up happy thoughts. Wait for it again. Get the good shot.

And that's why we are photographers. We do what we have to do. We do what we don't want to have to do. We make every effort that we can, despite having to carry around heavy gear and deal with horrendous weather, to get the shot.

In the end, as photographers, it's all about getting the shot. Is it not?

And it looks like this shot is timed nicely for +Francesco Gola's curated #LongExposureThursday. Sweet!



Pantai Matahari Terbit - Sanur, Bali
Second sunrise in 2012 (still from my very first photowalk in 2012 - with www.jasonhenthorne.com

Canon EOS 50D + EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
EXIF: 5 sec • f/14 • 10 mm • ISO 100
Filters: Lee Soft 3stop GND
View Large: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tropicaliving/6640977789/sizes/l

♫ Coldplay - Us Against the World ttp://youtu.be/AmfOTWx_uv4




The Blue Storm

#FineArtPls curated by +Marina Chen
#PhotoExtract curated by +Jarek Klimek
#LongExposureThursday curated by +Le Quoc and +Francesco Gola
  • Photographer David Keochkerian
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved



what kinds of things recharge your spirits?

trees for wood and shade
waterfalls as a water source
mountains for security
and a meadow for building a resort town

settlers in the 1800s danced the night away under the stars
soon the town became too popular and destroyed the ecosystem
the village was relocated, and the area slowly recovered
now, a stroll through the meadow trails re-energizes the mind
thankfully we can sometimes rejuvenate nature so that nature can rejuvenate us

+Charles Lu
thanks everyone for the great company +Trey Ratcliff +Tina Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk +Julia Peterson +Karen Hutton +Joe Dolister +Robert Scoble +Maryam Scoble +Scott Jarvie +Kimberly Shoemaker
+Scott Kublin +Dustin Bess +Tony Payne +Tom Hallam +Jim Patterson +Jeffrey Sullivan +Tom Anderson +Peter Adams +Ivan Makarov +Nyla Adams +Stefan Bäurle +kendra karr +Charles Lu
#g+yosemite2011 #g+yosemite2012
some thoughts others have shared:

+Benny Sjöstrand Beautiful shot, you and Charlie looks so happy, like a in movie!
Photographic activity has definitely become a recharger, a way to disconnect from work, relax, and also get outs and enjoy the nature. I think 2012 will be a very exciting year, there are so many things going on. I'm looking forward to spend a lot of time with my son, do my best to be a good father :)

+Mark Esguerra Hmm, well, my favorite place is a forest area in the middle of Tokyo. Even in the middle of that city it gets rather peaceful there. I can just sit walk around there and sit on a bench for hours. ;-) While at home, a nice walk around Griffith Park is a nice way to recharge as well. ;-)

+Jerry Johnson I enjoy taking my children out on family photo-walks. It really forces me to slow down and take in the surroundings and it is also helping me share my love of photography with my family. When our two year old gets a little older, my wife will be able to join us! :)

+Kerry Murphy This is beautiful, +shirley lo!! Nature is definitely a big rejuvenator for me as is creativity whether it be in the form of photography, baking, knitting, etc. And yoga. That time and space just for me to honor how I'm feeling in that moment and work with it. And in the summer... swimming! Something about the freedom of swimming is incredibly rejuvenating to me.

+Michelle Torio Such a lovely and happy photo +shirley lo! Just like a shot from the movie or a story book. :)
Well, nature proved to be very therapeutic for me. I love exploring the mountains and the beach...Even the long, scenic route drive to go there always rejuvenates my spirit in an instant. This, and spending time with my loved ones are the ultimate re-charger.

+Ajeesh Kumar i think, Mother Nature make us feel an ego-less mind, looking at the natural lives of these plants and animals and the beauty of Nature itself, we come out of our complex life we have in our mind, created for our existence, and feel the natural way of simple living.. we feel peaceful, leaving all worries.. i think true life is as much simple as that of a growing grass...

+Dhopy Nepp I think one of the things that feeds me
is still to believe in people
And the beauty that surrounds us
If we are willing to look

+Meg Rousher Wonderful shot. To recharge my spirit all I need is a walk on the beach with a camera or two. Listening to the waves and the birds seems to do the trick every time :)

+Tom Hallam Beautiful photo. I think it captures the essence of two things that help me recharge. Exploring nature and spending time with loved ones.

+Melody Migas Lovely photo! I like to get outside to recharge. The beach, the woods, nearby park, or even the backyard. Also dinner out with a waterfront view.

+Ron Bearry I'm a simple guy so I am content with a long mountain bike ride on a clear Spring day.

+Mark Esguerra - Very cute shot! It looked like a great time was had by all! ;-) It really is nice to be able to get away and escape the city to places like that. Nature is what recharges me! ;-)

+Christoph Diewald Your photo really transmits joy and energy - lovely!
As to your question: I am getting more and more into the habit to stop periodically what I am doing, and to become simply aware of my breathing and my body for a minute or so. Hoping for the mind to stop also for a little while. Other than that, I love to grab my camera and wander through a fascinating savanna forest here in Brasilia that has the highly unlikely name of "Botanical Garden" - it is almost no such thing, but it is a constant source of wonderful experiences with the observation of plant and animal life, in complete silence.
  • Photographer shirley lo
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved

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The Long Way Home

Driving back from a photography excursion I noticed the late afternoon sun reflecting off the tumbleweeds in the fence. It turned out to be my favorite shot of the day.

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