21 TOP Google+ Photos for December 7

published by ; December 9, 2011
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Clearing Fog Above The Spitzhorn
From my blog: http://www.niophoto.com/clearing-fog-above-the-spitzhorn/

I am afraid I have another image in black & white for you. Hope you’re not getting bored :-) I shot this image last February when I was on one of my winter photo “hunting” trips. This means I just drive around in the Swiss alps for the best part of the day with loads of gear in the trunk and hunt for scenes with changing weather. The image features the Spitzhorn, which has an altitude of 2,579 m (8,461 ft). It is located near Gsteig in the Swiss canton of Bern.

For #BWLandscapeWednesday curated by +Francesco Gallarotti, #BWFineArtLE by +Joel Tjintjelaar, #FineArtPls by +Marina Chen, #WallpaperWednesdayContest by +Jamie Furlong and #PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek


Don't Try To Fix Me Im Not Broken
Yesterday, we were getting ready for the retouching event for NAPP with +Corey Barker and Shelly Giard . The look that they wanted to go for required a specific set of lighting, so I was in the studio earlier in the day to make sure lights were ok.. things were set, and we were up and running.

In order to do this, I needed a stand in model to jump in and help out with stuff here. I called my buddy Justine - whos is wanting to see if she can hang as a model, and she came over and served as my stand in. While she was there, I figured i'd take a couple of shots.

I've talked about it before, and I say that most of the #Photography that I like to do is largely motivated by music. When we were working on some lights, I couldn't help but get "Hello" by Evanescence out of my head. When I was looking through the frames and found this one, the processing and tone definitely leaned towards it.

The post processing of this happened in a very large part out of inspiration from +Evangeline Cooper - Wait till you see her Friday show with me on this... I think I love her! Danke!!

It's wild - by in large i'm a very melancholy shooter..Hanging with my buddy +Erik Valind definitely challenged me to brighten up my images.. but in the dark parts its where I usually feel most comfortable in.. True to that.. i'll always go back to that style . Now - I've been happy with the bright shots i've done.. but theyre more deviations than they are changes.. If it aint broke, right..

What about you guys..what kinds of words would you use to describe your pictures. Think more emotional words than technical ones..
  • Photographer RC Concepcion
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


:-)Re share from this mornings post for those of you who missed it.
My latest addition to the album "walking with lions"


My second addition to #WildlifeWednesday curated by +Mike Spinak this week is of a Red Fox walking up Yellowstone National Park's north road, which is a fantastic location to shoot wildlife in the winter. The Red Fox is probably my favorite animal to photograph is they often have facial expressions and other behavior that is human-like in many ways.


The Snake River in the Grand Tetons on an early morn in early fall


Imagine sweeping hues of orange, brown, blue and green generously spread upon an undulating mountain landscape at 8000ft. And in the distance, the rising vapors of a multitude of geysers catch the morning light from the rising sun. And suddenly, a deep swooshing sound behind you startles the wits out of you and you turn around to see a tall jet of scalding water rising to the jewel-blue skies.

Imagine what the first explorers to this place would have thought. Perhaps they even half expected a dinosaur to appear in this seemingly primeval landscape.

But such is the beauty of Yellowstone National Park, where 1000ft high snow-capped peaks rub shoulders with the thermal springs that make this place famous and where bisons, wolves and grizzlies claim their share of land along with humans and their mechanical horses.

This image is but one slice of Yellowstone National park, a panoramic look at the Grand Prismatic prism, combined from 5 images shot at F14, ISO 400 and 1/60s

Yellowstone National Park
  • Photographer Sathish Jothikumar
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


For #WhateverWednesday with +Cicely Robin Laing.
EDIT: I guess this is also good for #InMotionThursday with +Scott Thomas.

First time I saw people riding their motorbike with an umbrella was in Hat Yai, southern Thailand. Surprising but fun way to move about in the rain. :)

Nikon D7000 with Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX lens

1/10 second
ISO 100
Metering: Center-weighed average (a mistake lol)
IrfanView PP: (crop), auto-adjust, sharpen, saturation+20
  • Photographer Alain Limoges
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Here's another image of Manslu, the world's 8th tallest mountain. Note that the obvious pinnacle is not actually the summit which is behind and appears slightly lower from this vantage point. #BWLandscapeWednesday #wallpaperwednesdaycontest
  • Photographer Alan Kirby
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Afternoon plussers,

Wednesday is a great day. First, it marks halfway through the working week (yay!) and second it's the day of one of my favourite DPT themes: #WildlifeWednesday curated by +Mike Spinak.

There's been this photo of a Great Egret sat in my archives from a few weeks back that was just crying out for a B&W fine art conversion. So last night I sat down and spent a little over an hour processing it. Below is the final result. Hope you kind folk all enjoy it :)


#FineArtPls by +Marina Chen
#WadingBirdWednesday by +Ray Bilcliff
#BWFineArtLE by +Joel Tjintjelaar okay, not quite LE but hopefully Joel may excuse that!
#PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek


some summer memories.
have agreat day!
  • Photographer Dirk Wüstenhagen
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Understanding Light

How to make the best of light.
I think when you first pick up a camera there are so many variables in taking an image it can at times confuse so many people. The one variable you always have to be aware of is light and its effects.

The right time
You will hear so many photographers talk about "The Golden Hour" for taking outside images, whether its landscapes, urban etc these is always a right and wrong time. You do not want to be out in bright harsh summer sun, all you will get is harsh images, over exposed skies and deep shadows. Try and get out early, before the sun comes up and use the light before the sun is fully risen, the light is much more gentle. If early rising is not for you then work toward the end of the day, be out and about as the sun starts to set to get that same gentle light.

Reflect and rejoice
Sunlight on water is wonderful, get it right and you will get a beautiful cast of the sunrise/set colours over the water that will add another dimension to your image. Use reflections too, both the clouds and the boat in this image are reflected back on the water and the details can be seen as there is no harsh light in the image.

Try and expose for the sky, if you meter for the land there is a good chance you will over expose the sky. One way to combat this is through filters, I use soft ND grads which allow me to expose for the land and keep the sky from over exposing. They also allow me to shoot more toward the sun without blowing it out. If you are serious about landscape photography I cannot recommend them enough.

Be aware of where your light source is and its role in your images composure, get it wrong and it will throw the whole image out. In this shot its not central, it sits to the right and the boat to the left to give the image a sense of balance but it also casts a hue throughout the image that gives the colour balance too.

Never lose focus of the shadows too, they play as vital a role as the light does. In this image I was very concious of the dappled sand in the foreground when I took this image. I got down low to ensure it was there and the fact the shadows added texture to the image. They sit in contrast with the clouds that add a dappled counter in the sky/background to the foreground.

This image only works because of the light, its taken in the golden hour and the warm tones give a warm feeling to the viewer. Coupled with the fact there is no harsh light or dark then the details of the image can be seen and with that the viewer wants to look around the image.

Light is the biggest ally you have in photography but it can also be your worse enemy if you dont use it right.



Don't stop dreaming because there is no wrong in waiting something more

Candy session

Model: Maria Moldovan
Styling & creative: Laura Balc
Light: natural

Going away from home today to my other home. The traveling is over for a while.



The Story Behind the Shot: The Burj Al Arab Exterior

Here's a follow-up to the interior shot I posted yesterday. I tried to get this shot the previous day but the split second my tripod legs hit the beach, it's as if an alarm went off somewhere and the beach was instantly swarmed with security guards telling me I couldn't use a tripod (for the record, they were incredibly nice about it).

The next day I went to the head of security for the hotel and pleaded my case. He said the hotel was very concerned about how the iconic hotel was portrayed in images, and I told him I understood, and that without being able to use a tripod, I would be returning to America with a bunch of blurry, awful-looking photos of the hotel, and was that how he wanted it portrayed to Americans? He thought about it for a moment, then said, "OK, how many shots do you need?" I told him "Six?" He said OK, and I that night I got this exterior shot from their private beach. :)
  • Photographer Scott Kelby
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Don’t be afraid to speak from your heart...

This one goes to my wonderful friend +Dan Ballard. We had a great photowalk when he visit Bali last June, he's definitely an excellent photographer ! Please check out his stream and don't forget to circle him :)

Pura Batu Bolong - Tanah Lot, Bali
Canon EOS 50D + EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
EXIF: 0.2 sec • f/14• 10 mm • ISO 100
Filters: Hitech 0.6H + Lee 0.9S

View Larger 683 x 1024pixel: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tropicaliving/4563181034/sizes/o

♫ Miley Cyrus - Bottom Of The Ocean http://youtu.be/_uIo3k68aYc


The Pool

This an old one...and one of my own favourites. The story behind it is kinda funny:

On this night i had been wandering around in complete darkness for a couple of hours...My headlamp was weak, the batteries to my camera were slowly fading away, the temperatures were around -20°C and i was quite nervous because of some weird noises. Me and my skiis went down to this spot. This is the place were i really had planned to take an awardwinning, groundbreaking and crazy shot of the aurora. Not really....but at least i had a clever plan...You see that black pool? Well...my not so clever plan was to jump into that pool with my waders. I was actually wearing my waders this whole night. Glad i didnt run into someone in the dark...Jumping into that pool...the thing is...i have no idea how deep that pool is. On the right side there is a massive waterfall coming directly down into this pool. Probably the biggest waterfall in the area. So i had a bright moment and started thinking. Chances are if i slided into this pool i would never resurface. It could be 3-4 meters deep for all i know. It probably is THAT deep :-)My plan was to shoot the aurora from inside this pool. With the frozen edges and all the cool details in the foreground...and a blazing aurora in the background. I`m telling you....it would have been insane! But since im a big pussy and have no guts....the plan is currently put on ice... I had been scouting and chasing the aurora the whole winter with nothing but that particular shot in mind. Talk about chasing my own tail...So all i got was this shot. By the time i had set everything up the batteries were dead. So i had to put one of the batteries in my boxers, wrap my balls around it and just give it a minute or two.... Works like a charm. Theres nothing that a pair of warm balls wont fix...The tracks you see down to the right are not mine. This pool is the playground for a pair of otters..Have a grrrreat wednesday!



#WaterfallWednesday curated by +Eric Leslie
#oregon #waterfall #photography

Good morning! I've been a little busy and haven't had time to process some new images or search through my files, so I thought I'd post a larger image of my Whitehorse Falls image found along the Umpqua River.


The City - 2011
  • Photographer Louise Fryer
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


HI guys. I just signed up!
  • Photographer greg du toit
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


I seem to have had a few people circle me this past week and I wanted to say hello to everyone... hello.
I'm sure you threw me into a circle without really taking a look at my profile... that's ok, I understand. So, hopefully you'll take the time and get to know me and my photography. This image I've posted before and re-shared before, but it's one of my personal favs and I would like for anyone new to my g+ world to see.
I'll also share this one for #BWLandscapeWednesday Curated by +Francesco Gallarotti



For more info and a direct link to the entire gallery, see also this post:



Another day, another couple of gallons of mighty-fine balsamic vinegar reducing down with cloves, orange peel and some anise seed in preparation for the virgin sacrifices coming later today.

Miguel knows how to handle a machete (coming as he does from Belize), a cleaver and a butcher's knife (both manhandled with grace and a heaping helping of maniacal laughter) but he is most comfortable with a paring knife for his "wet" work; as in the "Wet and sexy" cuisine he practices (his words and I must agree) at one of my favorite restaurants here in New York that goes by the name of Karma.
That he is crazy is a given.
That he consumes women like some men consume beer nuts is entertaining and ofttimes educational.
That his soul patch has seen more action than some small National Guard Units is the stuff of legends.
That he is a revered member of my entourage should come as a surprise to no one.

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This would have to be, by far, one of my best lightning shots ever.. actually it's 4 shots blended together, but you know what I mean :)

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