15 TOP G+ Photos for November 1

published by ; November 3, 2011
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Yosemite valley after some fresh snow... http://www.jesse-estes.com


"a wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. I think, I too, have known autumn too long" - [e.e. cummings]
  • Photographer William Mazdra
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


#MyTownTuesday +Melanie Kintz +Eric Leslie

This shot was taken at the weekend whilst down at Brighton Marina trying out some new long exposure shots. The day was overcast and there wasn’t much going on light wise, but for a short 15 minute period at sunset the skies looked fantastic so my attention switched from long exposures to capturing this young fisherman standing off the end of a jetty. #plusphotoextract


Gold-banded Forester. Native of southern and eastern Africa. #PlusPhotoExtract


I thought to share my portfolio since I have so many new contacts. Thanks for adding me..
Have a great week everyone!


The raw beauty of the ocean. Captured with a Nikon D90, f/11, 1/2 sec, Hitech grad filter.
It all makes getting up at 4am that much easier when you can bring this home.
I had a nasty rogue wave give my camera a good splash, thankfully I dodged another bullet and it is still functioning. Lots of sea spray and mist had me constantly cleaning my filter but all in all, it was a beautiful start to the day.


An "old" one from early in january. I was pretty sure i had shared this on g+, but i couldnt find it.. So i figured i might as well throw it out there.

Parked my car on a remote road in the forest and put on my skiis.
My headlamp was dead once again, so i only had a small flashlight to help me in the dark. There was about 50cm of snow out there. All pure powder...so i was struggling like crazy, but i tried to think positive. Good training and so on...The aurora was present all the time. Not blazing, just a green bright band in the sky above me. I made my way down to a section of a river that had partly open water. Took some nice shots and kept going further into the woods.
The next hour i spent struggling in the deep snow. What a waste of time...didnt find a single decent place to set up. But i had a feeling things would explode in the sky so i headed back to the river. I was half dead when i reached it again...
I kept going further downstream, found a spot that looked promising in the dark and balanced my way out in the river.
I jumped from rock to rock until i was midstream, set up my composition and then i was ready... Half an hour later theres still not any activity worth shooting. A few minutes later i see a tiny, bright & green band start moving really fast across the sky. All of the sudden the entire sky explodes.
The dark landscape is transformed into a green wonderland. My heart beats like crazy as i look at the aurora move insanely fast across the sky. It moved from the left of the frame to the right within a second. It was crazy...
Is it really this green, you may ask...it sure as hell is. I could literally see the river turn into a nuclear green fluid...it was so damn fascinating.I threw away my gloves, pushed the remote and after exposing i could see that this one looked pretty good. A minute later the activity was back to normal. For this one i covered the sky with a card to let the fluid foreground expose even longer and become even more delicious. The last seconds i removed the card and let the sky expose...

Sometimes it pays off to be patient and spend 45 mins midstream in minus 20 degrees. When i looked again for my gloves i realized i had thrown them in the river...5 minutes later they were 2 solid iceblocks :-)Hope everyone is doing good...and i apologize for not following anyones streams these days. Cheers! Arild



Model: Brianna O.
Makeup By +Sarah Dean


しゃて おうち帰る〜♪

Photo at Manila Bay Philippines


Blanche .. Cascade de Sales . Sixt-Passy ( french Alps ) © Alexandre Deschaumes
  • Photographer Alexandre Deschaumes
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


yup. i'm doing it. officially. starting yesterday... thanks all for the gentle punches nudges :)


Good Morning G+ :) My contribution for todays #TreeTuesday, a Detail of an old Tree I recently found in the Park of a Baroque-Castle near Rastatt/Germany.
  • Photographer Patrick Hübschmann
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved



  • Photographer Elena Kalis
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

I thought I'd shoot some macros with my 100mm f/2.8L which I don't get to use that often. Plus, it always makes me sad that flowers don't last that long, so capturing a photo makes them live forever. :)

Since I didn't have that much daylight left when I shot this, I used my Wescott TD5 Spiderlites to light the rose. http://www.fjwestcott.com/products/array.cfm?tbl=td5new&catname=spiderlites&head=td5

Even though the leaves were out of focus, I handheld the TD3 underneath them to light them and bring out their vibrancy. Without the light the leaves were in the shadows and looked almost black. I lit the rose from the front and right side with the spiderlites and the left with window light. I played around with angles until i liked the balance of light and shadow in the folds of the flower.

A little overkill on the set-up for a quick macro shot, but the lights seem to hang out permanently in my living room so why not use them?

Oh, I added some water drops to the rose. A spritzer makes more circular droplets, but I couldn't find mine so I just hand placed these.
  • Photographer Lisa Bettany
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved

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