16 TOP G+ Photos for October 17

published by ; October 19, 2011
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16 amazing TOP photographs published by Google+ photographers on October 17.

Good Morning everyone. I have to go but here is something to cheer you up :)
HDR - Boats at Sandbanks
#photography #potd #PlusPhotoExtract #hdr #fotografia #fotograf #photog #photographer #art #sunset #TonemapHDRTuesday #HDR #HDRI #MyTownTuesday
  • Photographer Pawel Tomaszewicz
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


My #MonochromeMonday contribution. This is one of the classic views of Canada, Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia.


The blizzard of '96 was the biggest snowstorm to hit New York in 49 years...
  • Photographer Matt Weber
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


What is this game?

This was one intense battle and I hadn't a clue as to what was going on.

Side note
I am posting a lot today, is it too much?

Chinatown, NYC G+ Photowalk



~ Lewis River Overlook ~


ISO 50
10 seconds
Canon 24 1.4 L II

Believe it or not, I bought this lens, tried it out a few times and was not happy with it at 1.4-5.6 so I took it back.....Maybe I should have kept it. :-/


"A Dream Called Garrapata"

Soft evening light and a little bit of wave action to spice it up with.


moodymonday? nope. emomonday? nope. (also no such thing--but makes a cool word when combined.) myspacemonday? don't even know what that meant, but nope.

it's #monochromemonday curated by the wonderful, +Siddharth Pandit! have a great day :) (i was gonna say, have a great monday, but i felt like that was using way too many 'mondays' in any one post...)


  • Photographer Paul Williams
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Photography Tip: There is always something worth shooting

I walk by this industrial building almost every day and it's usually just a boring gray cube not worth a single exposure but that evening, somebody was working late and I happened to be there at twilight. I took the shot with my only lens I had on the camera - the 135m f/2. It was already quite dark so I had to shoot at f/2 and ISO 1000 to get a decent shutter speed of 1/125th.

I cooled down the color temperature quite a bit in Lightroom to enhance the contrast between the cold metal structure of the outside with the warm tungsten lights inside. The square crop was a necessity.

Therefore: If you are passionate about your photography, always have a camera with you - no excuses ;)

Click #ingosphototips for more


My contribution to #MonochromeMonday


Here's a tiny green day gecko for #MacroMonday that very boldly decided to climb onto my hand. Fortunately it was my left hand and I'm right-handed so I was still able to take the shot!

(Edit: here's another post that shows you how big the gecko is: https://plus.google.com/u/0/104380036950579300637/posts/TxA7y7JD1pt)


I just got back to Florida after a few days of traveling and shooting in West Virginia and Tennessee. I met some great people and hopefully got a few good pics. I will be back on the road again shortly but here is one from West Virginia from last year. I am hoping to get to some of my new pictures in about a week once I am back from chasing the colors in the mountains. I hope you all are well!
  • Photographer Daniel Ewert
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


#Landscape #Photography #Discussion: To Stage or Not to Stage?

__Do you think it is an acceptable practice to stage a scene?
__Where and how do you draw the line? Do you have some guidelines that other can benefit from?

Often time we landscape photographer find our self staging the scene...Here is a blog post that describes the issue: http://www.photographybyvarina.com/photography/q-and-a/staging-a-photo

While the issue is not not strictly confined to Macro/Detailed shots (I often times moved a rock or removed some unwanted sticks or branches from my scene), Macro/Details shots does give us more opportunity to stage the scene. The image below is an example of staged image...I put this coral in front of my camera...it was sitting under the trees behind me.

This discussion is not related to cloning in/out elements in Photoshop, we are talking about staging a scene in the field.


Dark marbled rocks in an alpine river
From my blog: http://www.niophoto.com/dark-marbled-rocks-in-an-alpine-river/

Busy with all sorts of non-photography related stuff at the moment, so re-sharing an image I shot in the Swiss National Park a few months ago. Plenty of rocky mountain rivers over there and when you look carefully you'll find some with very interesting "paintings" on them. I decided to use a long exposure to capture a few of these stones in an alpine river (I used a 24mm f/1.4 lens combined with a B+W ND 1.8 filter).

#Photography #potd #PlusPhotoExtract


#MyTownTuesday curated by +Melanie Kintz & +Eric Leslie
  • Photographer piet Flour
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved



This photograph was taken about half an hour before sunrise while facing east from the Olympic Mountains. The layered mountains of the Cascades can be seen in the distance across Puget Sound.
  • Photographer Danny Seidman
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved

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Water Lily

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