24 TOP G+ Photos for October 10

published by ; October 12, 2011
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24 awesome TOP photographs published by Google+ photographers on October 9.

As we were traveling up the mountain to our proposed site a heavy snow storm met us demanding chains on our tires. With a visibility of about 20 feet all of our planned images of beautiful blue skies and far off mountains came to a disappointing halt. There were stylists, gown designers, florists, and models counting on a successful shoot. I needed ideas fast. The 6 people accompanying remained silent as if to wait for my next word of brilliance. I had none. So I started laughing, it was the only emotion that comforted me. I don't remember my exact words but just remember thanking God for this "hidden blessing." My words grew more confident and I started thanking Him for redirecting our path to give us better success than we had imagined. The ideas started flowing and our team miraculously put together our best shoot. This image won the Accolade of Excellence Award at WPPI in Las Vegas this year. I'm giving God the credit. If it weren't for this unexpected storm and the brilliant ideas He supplied, we'd have gone home and missed this perfect set up.

"We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade, the presence of God. The world is crowded with God! God walks everywhere incognito. And incognito is not always hard to penetrate. The real labor is to remember, to attend, in fact, to come awake! Still more, to remain awake." CS Lewis


*What I want in a new camera

I've now had the D700 for almost 40months
I've hit 350,000 pictures and have recently replaced the shutter and mirror... I'd say I got my monies worth considering it's rated to about 150k pictures.

Because of parts delays in Japan i've been without the camera about 3-4 months this year... my fault for not signing up for NPS.

During my time with the D700 I've owned 3 different backup cameras D300, D300s and D7000

Had I know it would have taken this long to get a backup of the D700 I would have just bought another D700... But I didn't know.

SPECS that interest me
It's always fun to play the rumors game... but these are the things that interest me

MegaPixels - I really don't even want above 20mp... not sure how it'd help me and it'd just slow my workflow down by having more for my computer to process.
BUT... I wouldn't complain if it did have a high MP count. 36 is pretty insane though.
I'm just saying I would put priority on many other things other than MP
But I do want at least 16-18 from a new camera that I suppose I'd have the next 3yrs.

ISO - This is the area that is most interesting! Though in the last couple of years I've gotten into off camera flash and curresponding high speed sync that ISO isn't that big a deal. But still there are many occasions I'd love to have great quality at 3200 or 6400
In fact I think it'd be great to have a built in ND filter allowing me to go to ISO much lower than ISO100

DUAL MEMORY CARD SLOTS - This is a MUST for the next camera. I've gotten so used to it with the D300s and D7000 I can't imagine getting another camera without this feature.

FPS - I want a camera that shoots fast and has a good buffer. I am prone to doing some action photography. But with the rumors coming out it seems the D800 might not fit the bill and I'd still buy it anyway.

GPS - This is a dream to have integrated GPS (maybe even in a grip or something) but I'll be ok just using the GP-1 for now.

BIGGER SCREEN - There's a rumor they might break the 3" barrier and do a bigger screen! I'm all about that. I wouldn't mind if they did a swivel screen for the 3 times a year I'd use it (meaning that isn't a huge deal)

VIEWFINDER - I really think the viewfinder 100% coverage is a big thing. And the location of the viewfinder on the D700 was way better than other cameras like the D7000

QUIETER - There have been many occasions where I have depended on the quiet shutter of the D300s or the D7000 so they really should put that feature into the new camera

SHUTTER CYCLES - The more they can stretch this the better. 200k clicks at least hopefully even like 300k

VIDEO - For as little as I use it... I really want the next camera to have it. For those just in case moments. I do use it from time to time.

FOCUSING - I can certainly tell the difference in focusing with the D7000 ... the D700 is so much better! And I hope a new update would just be all the more better.
This is hard to rate with a number. But the faster and more accurate the focusing people that take lots of pictures like me will really notice.

QUALITY - I love the colors of my D700 and I love the smoothness of the images. I even think the D7000 at 100 ISO isn't as smooth and clean as I want it. I think this has everything to do with the fact it's full frame. But if they make the quality of the image even better then I'll be even happier.

ERGONOMICS - The Nikon system really works for me.
Specially moving the focus points around.
Two dials for exposure
Center quick zoom
The focus/exposure lock button.
So as long as they don't change those or improve on them I'm happy.

AA pack - I love being able to use my crazy amount of AA batteries in a battery grip. Because I always have plenty of those around.

FLASH - I see no draw back to a built in flash even if I hardly use it. I still am willing to use it as a commander from time to time.




I've learned over the last 2yrs to not hold my breath...
...but +Nick Gilson at Pictureline better have me first on the list if it does come true for the end of the month.
They are historically one of the best places to get a new camera the quickest.
And I like instant gratification of going to pick up a camera.

Then he can go ahead and have the rest of you on that list. Not that I really have a horse in this race... I'm sure other places are great.


Ever wanted to take a journey beyond the Horizon?

I did


Feel free to share.
If you haven't seen it, its new to you.

Used a bit of zoom to get the compression I liked, 3 Bracket HDR

Camera:Canon EOS 60D
Exposure:1 sec (1/1)
Focal Length:50 mm
ISO Speed:100


Good evening G+!
I'm so happy to see so many new contacts tonight, mainly due to be in the photographic circle of the great +Robert Scoble! Thank you man, it's really an honor for me!

To welcome you and to say thank you to Robert, I'd like to re-share a pic that I posted when G+ was still in private beta.
This shot is called Azzurro and it was taken in the beautiful town of Portovenere (Italy) in a stormy day..
It's a long exposure taken with a polarizer, and that's the reason of the color azure so intense.
I really hope that you enjoy it! (Maybe suitable for #PlusPhotoExtract ;))



Cityscape - Screensaver

I took this photo last week while in Victoria, this is Melbourne's business district viewed from the Yarra River, Australia.

Click on the image and select Actions/Download to get the 1920px wide version.

This image was uploaded in jpeg/Adobe RGB98 (quality 10), you should be able to enjoy a great deal of details despite the compression.


Nikon D700 at ISO 200
Nikkor 16-35mm at f18
Exposure: 15 sec
Hoya NDx400
Manfrotto tripod (055XProB) with 3D Pro Head (229)

Post processing

In lightroom and Photoshop: lens distortion, conversion to BW, contrast using multiple curves adjustment layers, duotone by adjusting G and R channels, sharpness x2.

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After the rain. Alleyway off 14th Street (Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Building) - Washington, DC



This morning, no really lighting but a thin fog that enveloped the forest. The dramatic treatment of the image gives a sense of dream...

If not already done so, check out my first ebook : "Natural and Landscape Photography"

Have a nice week!


  • Photographer Hengki Koentjoro
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


  • Photographer Kevin Brown
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


New wallpaper guys, shot at Wollongong, NSW, Australia.
Availabe for free, in sizes 1920x1200, 1680x1050, 1280x800
Feel free to share. Enjoy guys :)


sitting on a bench, people watching


New Picture-Day


So this is my contribution for #NatureMonday theme started by +Rolf Hicker. This might not be the best one from me, but i would like to share with you all my most favorite place in Bali and i hope the simplicity and serenity of this image can brighten up your Monday :)

I also dedicated this shot to a wonderful friend and excellent photographer +dene' miles. Thank you Dearest for your huge gift ..i love it :)


There are only three things in life that matter -- good friends, good chocolate and ...favorite place where you always want to get back to visit and the feeling of being there is just unlike other places you've visited. I wish you were here :)

Kedisan, Lake Batur, Bali
Canon EOS 50D + EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
EXIF: 0.4 sec • f/16 • 10 mm • ISO 100
Exposure Mode + White Balance: Manual
Filters: Lee Soft 3stop GND

Please click on the link for a large size, It is a much better viewing experience:


We spent nearly a week looking for jaguars along the banks of the Cuiaba River in Brazil. Our trip coincided with a cold front and for days there was little wildlife. Right at the end of our trip, the sun finally appeared and our patience was rewarded with an incredible encounter with this beautiful and elusive creature!


I was recently in Rwanda for a project and was shooting portraits of some children. When I took this portrait of this little girl, a perfect little snot bubble popped out just in time... so cute!


Hey everyone! Here is my first image from Iceland. It was definitely a beautiful area and after shooting it a few times, we finally caught a break on some light! Iceland is incomparable but with grey skies, rain and up to 40mph winds, it made bringing home the stunners a bit difficult.

Anyways, this is first shared here. (Shhh, don't tell the Facebook Fans). Hope everyone had a great weekend and thanks in advance for the comments and shares!

Oh and I forgot to mention, this is a pano of two horizontal 18mm shots, which when cropped to 8x10 format, came out to an even 21mp. Also a blend of 2 images for the canyon for dynamic range.



How Could It Be Any Other Way?

"Well I think about all the other ways I could've played
All the other simple moves I could've made
All the other cards that I could've dealt
All the books I didn't read upon my shelf
All the other ways I could've sung my songs
I've realized that none of it wen't wrong
It was all play
How could it be any other way?"

Trevor Hall - Other Ways

It is day like this I realized nothing ever went wrong. I have everything I need, to smile about and to live for. No regrets. I mean, how could it be any other way? ;)


Storm Clouds at Sunset in Newport

#MonochromeMonday #Monochrome Monday (+Siddharth Pandit)
Location: Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon
Camera Body: Canon 50D
Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
Processed in Adobe Lightroom.

About the Shot:
This week's submission for Monochrome Monday. It was shaping up to be a cold, rainy, and dark Summer sunset. I was comfortably lounging about in my hotel room debating in my head about whether or not to go down and take some photos in the bay. (Being in the Pacific Northwest, I have this debate with myself all the time.) I knew I couldn't live with myself if I didn't go, so I drove down to the water to see what happened. And, as usual, I was happy I went.

It was cold, rainy, windy, and noisy (the air filled with a cacophony from nearby sea lions). I practically crawled out to the end of a line of slippery rocks into the bay, set up my tripod, and was treated to the clouds breaking just enough to let in some light and create some drama. And this Coast Guard boat went by and the perfect time to create some interest. The color image is actually fairly grey and uninteresting, but sometimes a black and white treatment can rescue these kinds of shots.


  • Photographer Frank Doorhof
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


#mountainmonday #Mountain Monday

Sunrise of Mt. Cook, as viewed from Tasman lake


Mountain Monday

Lofoten Islands is a paradise if you love mountains. This is a view towards the main city Svolvaer.

#MountainMonday (curated by +Michael Russell)


  • Photographer Chris Ney
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


B+W ND110 & 0.3GND ISO100 F22 @ 60 seconds.
Field, Lydney, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England.

Second shot in The Seasons Series, showing the differing seasons here in England. See Long Exposure album for Summer image.

My first post towards #MoodyMonday curated by +Philip Daly


Between the Trees - the beautiful Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park, CA

Photo by our supporter Geoff Yale

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Milford Sound

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