23 TOP G+ Photos for October 1

published by ; October 3, 2011
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23 stunning TOP photographs published by G+ photographers on October 1.

The most controversial portrait I have:-)


Lower East Side 1989
  • Photographer Matt Weber
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


one of the very first frames of an all night astro shot I did in Big Sur last month just as the last light from the sunset was faded enough for the milkyway to become visible. Big Sur is a dreamland for time lapse.
  • Photographer Josh Owens
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Wedding Photography

Gotta make sure I post Wedding Pictures frequently so people keep remembering I'm a wedding photographer (not a cat photographer... haha)

And seeing as today is a Worldwide Conference for my Church #LDSconf
I figured I'd post a few wedding pictures at LDS Temples

These buildings are important symbols to these young couples of a life of commitment to the important principles in their life and a symbol of forgiveness and closeness to God.

My Job
And as such it is an important part of My Job to make a link between the couples and this symbol.

Be it any of the following or more:
Loving (Embraces)
Joy and Excitement

A Wedding really is a Beautiful Thing


I was curious if they were talking to each other :)
  • Photographer Pawel Tomaszewicz
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


The Arrival of the April Storm. Big Sur, California

Here's my 2 cents for #SunsetsSaturday theme. This was one of the last storms of the season in my heck of the woods. Storms are finally coming back next week. It should be a good time for some moody images like this one, which is still one of my favorites I took in 2011.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!


Taken back in April on a 4 day whirlwind trip to Arizona. This was the main reason I had went. I saw +Kristen Wood post a picture of this about 3 years ago and it just intrigued me to no end.. Finally I said screw it and booked a flight and a rental car and I was off.....I got here the first day way to early and just hung out and explored the area while I waited and waited and waited for the sun to go down....finally it happened....I could see these clouds coming in and I knew it was gonna be good....For those of you who have been here you know how big this place is...I wish there was a person in this shot to show some scale. So here is my shot for #SunsetSaturday


Tulips for my female inspirers...


Selfy Sunday is the hottest photography project on Google+

See how 170 photographers see themselves through through own lenses.

From the Sept. 25/11 project.

Photo: +Pierre Boismenu by +Pierre Boismenu

The complete album from Sept.25/11 is here:
SelfySundaySept252011 | 115961021629090154025



Odd One Out

I find the monotone fine art works of +Joel Tjintjelaar, +Olivier Du Tré and +Xavier Rey to be incredibly inspiring. If you haven't seen their work then be sure to check them out. This is my first ever attempt at something similar. It was taken last weekend at Pevensey Bay on the south coast of the UK.

Canon 5DmII, 24-105L @ 24mm
ISO 50, F/22, 60 seconds
B+W ND110 filter


Old Ulster (12 photographs)
  • Photographer Ken Jackson
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Lines Of Defense II
  • Photographer Emil Stojek
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


The newly delivered Nokton 25mm f0.95 has a great macro ability. The shortest focus distance is 17cm. The length of the lens body is about 10cm so you can get as close as 7cm to subjects. Now there will be less occasions where I need the Canon New FD macro lens that I have. For this shot, I could get closer to the flower but I didn't want the stamens to touch the lens.

By the way I love the name of Higanbana. It blooms around the period of Higan, when we thank our ancestors. That's one belief. Another belief is that this flower is poisonous so you can easily be dead if you eat it, which means you'll soon be a member of higan, the world of dead people.


Good morning Googler's

This is another from my archives, I was out on the banks of the Mersey taking some sun set images and not having much success. I was about to head for home when I looked down at one of the old tie stumps for docking ships. The top had rotted away and inside a small plant had taken up residence.

I love the fact than when man abandons something nature comes back and reclaims what's hers, I think it was this photograph that taught me I need to look down at the smaller things instead of trying to go for the grand landscape all the time.


a protester from greece is glad to see americans fighting for their future.

99%: occupy the world.

these images are from may/june 2011 on syntagma square.


North American.
  • Photographer Dean Bradshaw
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


One from the archives for new followers. Even Swallows have to air their views from time to time. Either that or they both wanted the same perch...


  • Photographer Audran Gosling
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


On the way to "The Subway" in Zion NP can find this really cool feature called "The Chute". I call this image "Beauty Divide".
  • Photographer Edward Mendes
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Beginner Tip #9: Change the order of albums

This one vexed me forever! When people go to your profile, they will only see 4 albums in your photos section ( http://bit.ly/oqxZYf ). You may want a special album to appear in those first 4! To do it, follow these steps:

1) Click on Photos on the black bar up there. That gets you into Picasa-mode.
2) Click on the Album you want to move up into the top 4.
3) Choose Actions > Album Properties
4) Change the date to the future... for example, the Portfolio album below is set to "Apr 6, 2015".... then save.

The albums will appear in order of date, in other words. Setting to the future is good so that newer albums that may be created don't push it down.


Canadian Goslings.

I snapped this shot of these two cute Canada goslings or “geeselings” as I like to call them, on Granville Island in my old hometown of Vancouver, BC. I had to lie in geese poop for about an hour to get this shot. I basically had to become one with the geese, a part of their family, to be accepted enough to get this close.

Every so often a bratty kid would come running at them, whooping and waving plastic toys and the geese would go berserk hissing and flapping their wings and I’d have to wait for them to settle. Ohh the challenges of shooting nature in a city. :P
  • Photographer Lisa Bettany
  • Websites Google+ profile
  • Copyright© All rights reserved


Another day, another squirrel to welcome to the neighborhood

This is Victor. He takes care of Madison Square Park (at the base of the Flatiron Building in Manhattan) for folks like myself who love to hang out there, do a little people watching and just enjoy the day. (Of course that the fabulous Shake Shake is there doesn't hurt either.) Victor can tell you the latin names for all the flowers planted there and has named all the squirrels in the park who seem to regard him as one of their own and seem to look forward to his daily rounds. I have walked with him on several occasions where they would eye me warily but come right up to him. Then he would introduce me to them. This has yet to help with their attitudes toward me. (Sigh.)

He told me his boss at Public Works refers to him as the black Forrest Gump. To which Victor immediately replied, "well that's fine but you still ain't gettin' a box of chocolates no matter what."


Photo by our supporter Andrew Bodrov

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The launch of Soyuz with Progress M-12M spaceship.

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