Happy Easter...

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Happy Easter...

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Camera Canon EOS 50D
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2016-03-28 22:58:28+02
roland nominated this photograph

roland meneghel

2016-03-28 17:29:30+02
Jarka nominated this photograph
2016-03-28 14:03:26+02
Lillian nominated this photograph

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2016-04-08 20:22:26+02


2016-04-12 14:41:05+02

Moc pekne, Martine! Gratulace!! :-)

Jan Stria

2016-06-01 21:46:26+02

Děkuji Honzo

2016-04-19 07:39:30+02

What a beautiful shot it is! Specially the focus and composition.

2016-06-01 21:46:39+02

Thank you :-)

2016-06-06 21:00:53+02

Its excellent work. Best image i have seen.

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