Fire Over Crater

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Fire Over Crater

A road trip back in May 2013 to the Crater Lake Nation Park. This is my very first time visiting Crater Lake. It is one of the most amazing place I've seen for sure. I was so in love with it that I decided to stay as long as I want at the park to capture some time lapse footage. And I ended up stay there for about 18 hours... Yeah.... That's sound a bit crazy.... But honestly, I'll stay longer if I don't have a journey that I have to catch up to!! Within the 18 hours, I experienced from a clear blue sky to a extremely cloudy afternoon. And then turned into heavy rain with a little lightening and thunders before sunset times. And as you see, the cloudy sky actually turned into an amazing canvas for the sun to paint on it!! And the cloudy sky clear up around midnight. Open up the opportunities to shot some dark sky milky way photos. If you have never been to here! I'll say.... This is a MUST GO location and should be on everyone bucket lists!!!

This is actually a single frame from a time lapse sequence I shot within that 18hours. Which is why this was shot using a wide opened aperture!! And there are some post-process to bring out some details of the mountain range.

Hope you like it.

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