Camargue Horses on the Run

submitted 2013-06-28 16:33:06+02 by

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Camargue Horses on the Run
I took this shot while teaching a digital photography workshop in Provence, France. It's a "dumb luck" shot. You don't usually see this kind of separation.

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2013-06-30 15:05:52+02

love this image rick!!!

roni chastain

2013-07-01 16:30:47+02

Great capture, Rick, blind luck or not. Being there takes out the luck part, though :) Appreciate your workshops – you completely changed my photography through your teaching.

Rob Wilson

2013-07-01 16:40:21+02

BIG congrats Rick! Editors' Choice! Still have good reaction time I see, lol.

2013-07-02 14:18:20+02

Thank you all. Means a lot to me. Keep shooting everyone!

Rick Sammon

Featured Photographer
2013-07-03 13:26:57+02

Rob… thank you!!

Rick Sammon

Featured Photographer
2013-07-03 13:27:24+02

Christopher… I hope so :-)

Rick Sammon

Featured Photographer