Close Encounters of the 3rd kind

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Close Encounters of the 3rd kind
Originally shot while on vacation back near the farm where as a young boy I once lived. Out in a rural area this was the cross roads about 100 meters or so from the house. This long exposure shot taken back in 2011. while laying in the middle of the road... trying to capture something interesting. With the help of an on coming car two minutes down the road and a little foto manipulation of course...

Shot location : Clinton Ontario Canada.

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2013-05-13 22:15:02+02
Toniek nominated this photograph

Toniek Majda

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Raits Hots

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peter cech

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Marek Trizuljak

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Petr Kala

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Marek Trizuljak

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Christian Delvaux

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Paolo Brunetti

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Steve Harper

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