African dragon..

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African dragon..
Namibia, on the way across the Kalahari

There once was an animal that had a golden green color called Chameleon. Almost everyone liked him and had always looked up to him.As I said, everyone liked him except for five animals. Scorpion, Spider, Bat, Snake and Komodo hated him.They planned to take away his color. Then Komodo had an evil idea. " Let’s put magic dye into his system," said Komodo. Everyone loved his idea. So the next morning the five devious animals invited Chameleon to a party. When the time came, Chameleon wasn't suspicious at all. He enjoyed himself. Later, Komodo spiked Chameleon’s drink when Chameleon wasn't looking. Chameleon drank the foul liquid and his skin changed color: red, blue, purple, and green.

That's why the Chameleon changes color and these five animals are considered bad.

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