Children of Nepal

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Children of Nepal
Most of the children you meet in Nepal will want something for you. Perhaps only to be expected. Your attention, gift, smile, or a monkey face, candy. The most difficult meeting with children is in the cities. In Pokhara or Kathamandu are completely street children who are completely alone on the street. An unexpected touch of their hand on your shoes, which force you to flinch, and then look down deep into their eyes is initially unbearable. His fingers twisted into the roll, which is affecting his lips indicate that they are hungry. You do not have a chance to distinguish which of them is hustled, who wants to extract some money and who is really suffers. All look the same miserably. The only defense is to have in your pocket wrapped biscuits. Regardless of who is who each of those children taste the given crackers .

Rural areas are characterized by the fact that children are strongly linked to family and for them is the possibility catered for. Their interest for tourists is purely a matter of sport and entertainment issue. Most ask for sweets, pens or ballons. Once, however, in their applications towards tourists caught his parents, and get a nice slap from proud parents who not allow their children to begging.

This girl is from Tatopani. A typical example of a young, proud lady, who makes his position clear, that no poor Third World. Noodles at her nose is a sign of poor health and low levels of hygiene, which has resulted in high morbidity of its population. Children and adults in itself carries many diseases, but a way of life, lack of medical care and another system values are the reasons why these facts and thus ill children in Nepal commonplace.

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