Agustin Rafael Reyes's TOP Google+ Photos for Jan 1 - Jan 15

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This PERSONAL TOP contains ten of the most popular photos published publicly
by Agustin Rafael Reyes on Google+ between January 1 and January 15, 2012.

Spring Water Temple (

I've been experimenting with different workflows for this HDR process. I did some luminosity masking I learned from master +Jason Arney and some LAB color painting which I think is quite useful for making the colors pop. Here is the screen shot of my layers

And here is the tutorial I found on LAB painting
LAB Colour


Thanks to Google+ I've found new friends who are as addicted to photography as me. I'm sure 2012 will be filled with more photowalk adventures. Looking forward to it!

Happy New Year!!


Lovers Through Time

Fushimi Inari - Kyoto, Japan

The Big Foot

Of all the places my brothers and I visited, Miyajima Island was their favorite. They say it was because of the changing tides that made the scene more unique and special. We spent about 2 hrs just waiting for the tide to recede so they can touch the Otorii and throw some coin at its columns. It was an amazing sight as it was coupled with the sun going down.

Ninja Battle Ground

So, I got the wish of snow when I came to Kyoto last week. The only problem is it melted as soon as it hit the ground. So my dream of shooting a snow covered Kyoto is still on a hold. I'll be monitoring the weather the next few weeks and hope it will snow heavily one weekend :)


Kimono-clad Ladies


One of my few full body portrait shots I took during the Coming of Age event last Monday. I really don't know how strangers perceive me whenever I take a pictures. Do I look creepy? or pervy? or handsome? or just a regular harmless gaijin taking pictures. I'm scared to know the truth so asking permission was never really my thing.

I realized, after overcoming some self-confidence issues, how fun it was to take pictures of people who are willing participants. To get a smile, a deep stare or even a shy look out of strangers is really interesting.

However, I have to admit due to the nature of the holiday, getting permission was peanuts (even the creepiest and pervy-looking guys where able to take their pictures). In a real street situation however, I might not have done very well. So I'd consider this like treading in shallow waters and maybe with proper guidance and learning more Japanese, I could do better in the future :-)

50mm Issues
I have this problem serious front problem with my 50mm lens. It front-focuses a lot!! During my 10 day trip, I was so frustrated of having so many blurred shots of my brothers that I resorted to using my wide angle for their portrait shots. I'll be going to Canon service center tomorrow so they could figure out if I'm correct. I don't think I can use the micro adjustment since the behavior is very erratic. I hope they can fix it.

Daily Photo: Mine, Mine, Mine
Here is one of my few properly focused shot. I saw this guy in Yamashita Park in Yokohama where he was feeding a lot of seagulls. The birds looked like they were falling in line just to get a quick bite out of the man's hand. I'm so impressed with Japan, even the birds are orderly when they are being fed :p

Effects of the Holidays

Chinatown - Yokohama, Japan

Arco Tower


My first photowalk of the year with +andrew holian and +Jeff Austin. Man it was a blast! I had so many awesome shots that I didn't know which to process and post first. I edited a few portrait shots of the kimono-clad ladies but it has been a while since I did an HDR shot so guess I'll use this one to start year.

That cool looking building in the middle is where +Jeff Austin got married. (Not the castle-looking love hotel =p) The place was high-class to the max. It was a new experience for me stepping inside a building that expensive as I'm not used to the finer things in life.

The river is lined up with hundreds of Cherry Blossom trees so this would be a good place to visit this spring time


Inspired by +andrew holian 's goal of taking 100 pictures of strangers, I've decided to start my own goal - to take a lot of face portrait shots. I don't know if I could shoot 100 strangers so probably I'll do a mix of people I know and don't know.

To start things off with a bang, this is one of my favorite shots I got during the Coming of Age last Monday. This girl is rockin with her red hair, sparkly eyes and heart piercing smile. I just wish I had the Japanese skills to get her email :p Maybe now I have the motivation to study :D

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