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This PERSONAL TOP contains ten of the most popular photos published publicly
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Drowning in a Sea of Color

This weekend I had the pleasure of traveling north to see the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival with +Dru Stefan Stone. We were lucky to have a beautiful day and a myriad of color. I have lived in Washington State for many years and have never actually gone into the fields. Talk about eye candy!

The red with the yellow dipped tips certainly stood out against the new variety with magenta, yellow and white. More will come later to show you an overview of the fields and all of the wonderful color stacked up!

If you need a bright spot to start your day or a colorful way to end it, I hope this helps. Have a great tomorrow!

For +Breakfast Art Club by +Charles Lupica , +Breakfast Club by +Gemma Costa and #goodnightall , because we all need to sleep sometime!

#breakfastartclub #breakfastclub #tulips #tulipfestival #flower #goodnightall
  • Photographer Kate Church
  • Published April 22
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Sunset at Oxbow Bend

Have you ever worked on a shot (creatively) and figured it was better off left alone? That's where I find myself tonight. I have a beautiful shot i am working on and after many hours i pitched the whole thing! :))

So instead, since these are great colors for morning eyes, I share this shot of Oxbow Bend, in the fall, at sunset. Oxbow Bend is a magical place in Grand Teton National Park. It is one National Park with views and sights you will walk away in awe if you visit it.

For +Breakfast Art Club by +Charles Lupica, #breakfastclub by +Stuart Williams, +Mirror Monday by +Gemma Costa and #goodnightall , because everybody should sleep sometime!

Have a great day

#OxbowBend #GrandTetonNationalPark #sunsetphotography #sunset #mountains #breakfastartclub #breakfastclub #goodnightall #mirrormonday
  • Photographer Kate Church
  • Published April 18
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Angry Orchid

More from my 'fun with orchids' shoot! Orchids are fun and unusual flowers. This particular bloom seemed to be screaming. Maybe it was saying "pick me, I want to be on G+!" For +FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner, #floralfriday .

#orchids +Breakfast Art Club by +Charles Lupica, because it's breakfast somewhere #breakfastartclub ; #breakfastclub by +Stuart Williams (stay safe), +Canon Users, curated by the tireless +Gene Bowker and #goodnightall posted early!
  • Photographer Kate Church
  • Published April 12
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

*The sun is shining and it's time to bust out the grill!

For +Project52-2012, Week 17 is "The Kitchen". I do have one, but I don't use it much. I guess that's to say what I do cook in there is not really photogenic :)). However, spring has spring with a vengeance and the grill is now in use!

This weekend we had a group of people over and this is one dish my daughter put together - beef kabobs and the straggler vege kabob!

Anybody hungry??

#2012project52 +Project52-2012 , curated by +Kate Church and +Giuseppe Basile and the P52 A-Team!
  • Photographer Kate Church
  • Published April 23
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Last Night I Watched, Tonight I Acted

We are now in the middle of a glorious weather pattern on the greater Seattle area and I am in heaven! Even the days they say are going to be bad have been good. Because of this weather change, everything is starting to bloom. Including this allergy alder. Sunset, in my back yard.

Last night I was on the phone with my daughter, trying to explain to her how beautiful it was when it was like this and then at the end when it turned pink. Tonight I grabbed the camera.

For +Breakfast Art Club, curated by +Charles Lupica, #breakfastclub , curated by +Stuart Williams
#breakfastartclub #breakfastclub #sunset #sunsetphotography #goodnightall
  • Photographer Kate Church
  • Published April 14
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Last Show of Glory

This would be the last day for the rose as it would start dropping its petals until they were gone..... I can see in it a heart, an apple and many layers that came together to make up this dying beauty!

Too much??? This is another from the bouquet from last week. It was one they put in that was nearly in bloom when I got it and popped in the sun on the deck. A little late (PDT) for #floralfriday (+FloralFriday ) by +Tamara Pruessner . But it's never too late for the +Breakfast Art Club by +Charles Lupica or #breakfastclub by +Stuart Williams or #goodnightall as I must sleep!

Have a Great Day/!
  • Photographer Kate Church
  • Published April 20
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

For this moment, she was the Belle of the Ball

Soon to be only a complimentary color when the Belle in her shadow stands tall and reveals her beauty,,,,,,

For +Breakfast Art Club , with +Charles Lupica , +Breakfast Club now hosted by the wonderful +Gemma Costa , +PurpleCircle curated by +Craig Szymanski , +Sinead Sam McKeown , +lynn langmade and now +Alexis Coram and #goodnightall , because that's where I am headed!

Have a great tomorrow! Warning - these colors have not been saturated, but they may still brighten your day!

#plusphotoextract , #breakfastartclub , #breakfastclub , #purplecircle , #tulips , #tulipfestival , #flowerphotography
  • Photographer Kate Church
  • Published April 24
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Don't Weep for Me

A calming image for your Monday morning start!

Shared tonight for +Breakfast Art Club, created by +Charles Lupica; #breakfastclub by +Stuart Williams and #goodnightall , because it is very late!

#rose #flowerphotography #breakfastartclub #breakfastclub #goodnightall
  • Photographer Kate Church
  • Published April 16
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Double Orchid

The Easter orchid kept me very busy, happily. This is a double bloom on the same stem as my earlier posts. For +FloralFriday, curated by +Tamara Pruessner.

#floralfriday #orchids #flowerphotography
  • Photographer Kate Church
  • Published April 13
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Good Day

Almost every night, at least since the beginning of the year, I have sat down in the evening and created something from a random shot I have on hand. I didn't have this album at the time so they are not all here, but they will be from here out. It's my way of saying to all of my followers that I appreciate the comments, plusses and shares that you take the time to do.

For tonight's image, I chose part of a bouquet that is sitting here from a weekend birthday. Now, this is the time I get to refine my skills and learn new ones. This particular shot I used techniques I have never used before. Half of them got deleted :)). [No, +Michael Russell, this isn't the one:)]

I know I am doing flowers a lot lately - but that's what I have! It's spring after all. So to all of my Google friends, Good Night - And Good morning. Just a little something to end or start your day with. For +Breakfast Art Club by +Charles Lupica, #breakfastclub by +Stuart Williams and #goodnightall , because it's just that time for me.

#breakfastartclub , #breakfastclub , #goodnightall #flowerphotography , #flower , #rose
  • Photographer Kate Church
  • Published April 19
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

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