Ian M Butterfield's TOP Google+ Photos for Oct 31 - Nov 14

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This PERSONAL TOP contains ten of the most popular photos published publicly
by Ian M Butterfield on Google+ between October 31 and November 14, 2011.

POTD 3 Nov 2011 : Great Balance

This was a photograph from last weeks "Friday Night at the Studio" event. Helen, our model, was amazing.... she actually held this pose for about 15 minutes while all the photographers at the event got a photograph of her! Not only that she didn't even break in to a sweat over it!

Lighting was very simple two softboxes - one key light and and one fill light.

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#IMBWeb #POTD #iansstudio #model #photography
  • Photographer Ian M Butterfield
  • Published November 3
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

POTD 12 Nov 2011 : It's amazing what you can get from Amazon these days!

Ok, this is pretty much a grab shot, but since today on Google+ it is #caturday - I thought it would be a good time to post it.

Once he had made himself at home in the box I couldn't get Sam out of it for about 3-4hours. Even picking up the box and moving it from one room to another didn't make him leave it.

#POTD #cat #amazon #box #IMBWeb
  • Photographer Ian M Butterfield
  • Published November 12
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

ALAMY SALE: Trafford Centre Sold 28 October 2011

Not a lot to say about this image/sale, other than the fact that it was taken as part of a 365 (photo every day for a year) challenge a few years ago. I probably would never have taken this image had I not been doing the challenge.

Sales data:
Country: United Kingdom
Usage: Editorial
Media: Newspaper - national
Print run: up to 1 million
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1/4 page
Start: 28 October 2011
End: 29 October 2011

#alamy #potd #sales #manchester #stockphotography
  • Photographer Ian M Butterfield
  • Published November 1
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

POTD 11-Nov-2011 : Underwater phone

Tonight it was table-top and macro night at the studio. Ever since I'd seen +Alex Koloskov's post about this particular technique I've been wanting to try it out. I have to say I am very pleased with the effect. The image is just about 'as is' out of the camera. A few minor tweaks to the levels that's all.

We did do a version with coloured gels too: http://photos.imb.biz/studio/tabletop/ea9a4227

I would post the link to Alex's video that inspired the shot but I can't find it. Alex, if you read this - please post a link to it!

#POTD #iansstudio #IMBWeb #water #phone #nokia #splash
  • Photographer Ian M Butterfield
  • Published November 11
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

POTD: Tourists on Mt Sinai
This was taken a few years ago in Egypt. This is 30 second exposure showing tourists walking up Mount Sinai. The light trails you can see are the torches they are carrying.

When I stood by the camera taking the photo, I couldn't see the mountains and the walls in the background but at at 30secs there was just enough moon light to reveal in the image what I couldn't see.

Posted to google today as part of +Le Quoc and +Francesco Gola 's weekly #LongExposureThursday theme.

#potd #IMBWeb #egypt #sinai #lighttrails #photography #longexposure #night
  • Photographer Ian M Butterfield
  • Published November 10
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

POTD 13 Nov 2011 : Bonfire Blast
Today photo of the day is a a week old. It the bonfire in Stockport from last Saturday. I am pleased the the rim lighting it has given to the people watching it. I've been the the bonfire blast each year for the last 4 years each time I've tried to get a shot of the crowds watching the fire with varying degrees of success, and finally I think I got what I was looking for.

#potd #IMBWeb #fire #bridgewaychurch #crowd #bonfire #burn
  • Photographer Ian M Butterfield
  • Published November 13
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

POTD 4 Nov 2011 : Not About Heroes
Was asked this morning if I could knock up a poster for the forthcoming production of "Not About Heroes" at Stockport Garrick. Fortunately I had a photograph of one of the cast members in first world war uniform from a different production, the barbed wire graphic and the poppy I also had in stock. So I was able to produce something without too much effort.

#POTD #iansstudio #IMBWeb #rememberance #theatre #stockport
  • Photographer Ian M Butterfield
  • Published November 4
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

POTD: And Then There Were None
My latest theatre poster image. This was shot yesterday in the studio to advertise Stockport Garrick's production of "And The There Were None".

Technical details: Main light is camera right pointing towards forward to give rim lighting on the subject. A low powered softbox also camera light add a slight fill to the shadows and gives just enough spill on to the background to let some of the blue show. Finally a snoot was used as a feature light to give enough light and detail on the hand and axe.

The rain and lightning was mainly added in post production however a spray was used on the axe hand and sleeve to give wet appearance to them.

The play runs 3rd -10th December as Stockport Garrick Theatre in Stockport. See: http://www.stockportgarrick.co.uk/ to book tickets. (BTW I'm playing "Rogers" the house-parlourman).

#garrick #theatre #potd #stockport
  • Photographer Ian M Butterfield
  • Published November 2
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

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