Brian Kemper's TOP Google+ Photos for May 12 - May 26

published May 28 by  
This PERSONAL TOP contains ten of the most popular photos published publicly
by Brian Kemper on Google+ between May 12 and May 26, 2014.

Sunset in Tokyo Bay
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published May 13
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Tokyo Skytree
#ikebukuropw #cooljapan
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published May 22
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

A weekend in Tokyo Bay
Friday night, I had fun hanging out with +Giovanni Piliarvu and +Nigal Raymond at the loop of Rainbow Bridge. We visited the secret spot where +Takahiro Yamamoto has created some of his most epic shots. Both Nigal and Giovanni had success in capturing the loop:
Unfortunately, I didn't come away with any shots worth posting (I will blame it on my lens selection), but I did have some great pizza and a Friday night well spent with friends. Lucky for me, Odaiba is always photogenic and I was able to catch this sunset a bit before the weekend came to an end.
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published May 25
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Shibuya Style
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published May 15
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Shinbashi Street Vendor
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published May 16
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Karaoke and Pachinko
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published May 12
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Walking around Ikebukuro with friends
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published May 20
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Ikebukuro from above
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published May 20
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Second Floor Departures
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published May 14
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

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