Brian Kemper's TOP Google+ Photos for Feb 6 - Feb 20

published February 21 by  
This PERSONAL TOP contains ten of the most popular photos published publicly
by Brian Kemper on Google+ between February 6 and February 20, 2014.

After Tokyo Snowpocalypse
Yesterday was, by some reports, the heaviest snowfall in Tokyo for 45 years. It was quite cold, but I hesitated to complain too much as my friends and family in Indiana have been going through this sort of thing for months. Most of the snow had already melted by this morning, but thankfully for kids in the neighborhood, there was plenty left in the park to make snowmen (one of the most endangered species in Japan)
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published February 9
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Tokyo Snowpocalypse Part 2: Valentine's Day Edition
Two Fridays in a row of heavy snow in Tokyo. Not something that happens very often.
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published February 14
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Enjoyed the view of Tsukiji fish market and Tokyo Tower with +Giovanni Piliarvu and +Hidehiko Sakashita last weekend. The freezing temperatures, not as much.
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published February 10
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

Snowy Shinbashi
and it looks like more is on the way. yay.
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published February 17
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

The latest in Daft Punk archery fashion by Moncler, Tokyo
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published February 13
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

No particular place to go
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published February 17
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

yasu kozy was tagged in Brian Kemper's album.
  • Photographer Brian Kemper
  • Published February 11
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

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