Darren White's TOP Google+ Photos for Nov 1 - Nov 15

published November 16 by  
This PERSONAL TOP contains ten of the most popular photos published publicly
by Darren White on Google+ between November 1 and November 15, 2011.

~ Mysteries of the Lewis House ~

This afternoon after the rain quit I decided to take a quick trip up the river with my daughter to see what Fall color may be left....While there was not much here at this scene, the dark mood and foggy conditions sure made it appealing to my tastes.....I spent quite a while shooting this scene as it changed from dark to light. I, personally like this darker more moody shot....I think the softness adds to the scene....Hope you are all having a great weekend!!!
  • Photographer Darren White
  • Published November 5
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

~ Brewing up a Storm ~

Happy #SunsetSaturday

Being out on this shelf during the most amazing sunset while the water was pounding me was quite a thrill. Dangerous to say the least. One missed step and any amount of water could have carried me right over the edge into the vast Pacific Ocean. I would personally like to thank my Keen sandals for the sure footed grip and traction they provided during this outing. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
  • Photographer Darren White
  • Published November 12
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

~ Southern Coast Gold Rush ~

99% of all my shots from the Southern Oregon Coast have been taken either just before or after a storm...at sunrise or sunset.....I have made several trips down to the coast and I have never had clear blue skies....I think that is what I love most about the area. Here is another shot taken at sunset just before the sun dipped below the horizon to my right. I am looking forward to my next trip down in the near future!!! Happy #ThirstyThursday
  • Photographer Darren White
  • Published November 3
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

~ Ester's Sunset ~

Took the family to the beach last summer and just happened to find this cool little spot with some nice rocks at sunset....This was a place I had never been before and now I am looking forward to going back this winter during the big storms....

Happy #SunsetSaturday
  • Photographer Darren White
  • Published November 5
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

~ Iron Creek Falls ~

Happy #WaterfallWednesday

Just a plain simple shot of a very nice waterfall. So easy to get to, yet tucked away in the forest so nicely that it doesn't get much attention. The first time I shot this was back in June and the spring runoff from the mountains caused it to be a raging torrent. I could not get within 200 feet of it for the spray. I came back last month with +Ned Fenimore and +Chris Ross and it was much easier to shoot and had a very delicate feel to it.

I shot this with my Nifty Fifty, Canon 1.4.
  • Photographer Darren White
  • Published November 9
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

~ Milky Way Storm ~

Extremely long Exposure #LongExposureThursday of the Milky way over Mount Hood.

Canon 5DII
17-40 @ 19mm
ISO 100
2405 seconds (40 minutes) Single Exposure
  • Photographer Darren White
  • Published November 10
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

~ Autumn Splendor ~

Saturday night I stayed up all night and played in the blizzard on Mount Hood. After having too much fun with the snowplows and almost getting killed I made my way down to the Columbia Gorge by daybreak to take in the Old Highway and scenic Fall Colors. This little scene is a favorite of mine and once again there were several people up top shooting the main falls and I was the only one down here shooting this. Sorry I have not been around much. I am hoping to catch up with everyone soon.

1.6 seconds @ 50 ISO w/ circ pol filter
  • Photographer Darren White
  • Published November 14
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

~ Sol Duc Morning ~

Trying this from my DROID X. Happy #waterfallwednesday

My company has left so I should have more time in the coming days to catch up with everyone!
  • Photographer Darren White
  • Published November 2
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

~ The Cow House ~

I'll never forget heading out to this location to shoot the old Emerson House and rounding the corner and seeing all these cows in the field. In the spring time the area up by the house and tree is loaded with cool little flowers. I liked how the image gives a sense of the cows taking over the old property. Happy #Tuesdaydecay
  • Photographer Darren White
  • Published November 8
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

~ Alone in a Ghost Town Storm ~

Last winter +Ned Fenimore and I took off with another friend for Eastern Oregon into some of the small remote ghost towns and outlying areas. We came across this scene in Shaniko, Oreogn. The fog was so dense and there was a light snow that visibility was horrible. We had a lot of fun scouting this place out!

Happy #MonochromeMonday
  • Photographer Darren White
  • Published November 7
  • Copyright © All rights reserved

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