1150 Pixel Fairy Tale: You and Three Macro Photography Princesses

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Mosquito sucking photographer's blo­od

Let's start with this amazing shot in which the mosquito is sucking the photographer's blo­od and is almost full of it. Most of us would just flick away that annoying bug but David decided to take the shot first.

His sacrifice and photographic mastery allows us to see the incredible details of a mosquito in action.

David's photograph dragged me into the fantasy world and I started to dream. The captions full of technical details I prepared for the rest of the macro photographs in this post disappeared fast in some kind of a mist, and three wonderful princesses slowly appeared.

What is YOUR favorite photograph in this post?

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But what's going on?

Some kind of a spell falls from the sky and the princesses have been immediately transformed into small flies.

The tale of three macro princesses may start…

Your role in this story is clear. The spell can be broken only by your heroic kiss. You can see the face of the first transformed princess in the photograph above.

Are you ready to save her?

I guess you are going to point now to the fact that you aren't a fairy tale hero but a photography enthusiast.

This means that the only body you dream about is the camera body with some lovely set of lenses; you have no ambition to save the princess and get half of the kingdom.

If this is the case with you, you would appreciate the fact that Vasek put together 13 photographs to get the depth of field that shows the full beauty of the fly's face.


The second princess

The princess in the previous shot didn't attract you? So, here comes the second princess.

Ondrej made an amazing portrait of her – no real hero can resist the romantic dew drops on her eyelashes and eyes.

And no real macro photographer can say that the Canon MP-E 65 lens did a poor job here.


The dark jumping spider and the first princess

It seems you have ignored the princesses so far, but now we have a real situation here. The first princess is in the hands (or should I say legs?) of the dark jumping spider.

I understand you don't feel like a hero, but maybe you can play the game for a while. Don't worry. No kissing! Just use your sword and do the job you have been chosen for.

You and your sword

I can see you are fighting now. This means you have decided to save the princess in the end. Good! But be careful and don't forget that the jumping spider has another four eyes on his back.

Your sword was fast but the dark jumping spider was an experienced fighter, so the fight continued for several hours and then you finally killed it.


The white jumping spider appeared

The white jumping lady spider appeared a few moments later.

You had no idea if she was on the dark side or on your side, but her first attack, aimed directly at your head clearly indicated where she stood.

You had to fight again. She was fresh and you were tired. The fighting took the whole night and you were the one who lost strength first. You collapsed to the ground and lost your consciousness.

The last thing you saw was the white beast preparing for her last and deadly move.


After the fight

You opened your eyes some time later and the first thing you saw was the white beast lying dead not far away from the body of the black spider.

You turned around and there was the first princess sitting on the green stem.

Her body was wet; the dew drops were everywhere shined brilliantly. She shyly whispered just two words: “Thank you.” When you heard her voice you knew immediately that you would have no problem with the kissing part of your heroic story.


The third princess

But then you heard a sweet voice. Another fly princess was coming and saying, “I want also to say a thank you to you. The white beast kept me in her nest, but I left it now. I can see you have killed her and you saved my life.”

Your mind starts racing.

And now what?

You aren't a fairy tale specialist, and you have no idea if one hero can remove the spell of two princesses!

Maybe he can. However, you have never heard about the princess dreaming about a hero who will save her and another princess, who will kiss both of them, marry them and happily live with them for a long time.

You have just started to think about complications connected to the fact that you should receive two halves of the kingdom when you can hear another voice.

Fortunately, it wasn't another princess but your friend Martin who held the first aid kit in his hand and who greeted you loudly. “Hey man, what are you doing here?” you answered.

“I came to shoot some macro photographs and I saw you collapse on the ground when I arrived. The white spider was badly beaten but it still has some power and was preparing to give you the last deadly hit.”

“I am a photographer and I always take the pictures. I don't mess with the situation in front of my lens. But this was different and of course I had to save you. So, I killed the spider and then I went back to my car for the first aid kit to dress your wounds.”

You turned back to the second princess. “It seems that Martin is the hero who saved your life and your gratitude should belong to him.”

Then you smiled at the first princess. “I think we can…”

But Martin interrupted you. “Why are you talking to those flies?”

“Those are princesses,” you answered.

“Hmm, it seems you were lying in the sun for too long.” Then he took his tripod and said, “Let’s go to my favorite place, where I want to take some shots of dragonflies.”


The dragonfly’s place

You didn't say anything. You went to the car with him. Two small flies were sitting on your shoulder. Martin left you immediately after his car stopped not too far from the dragonfly’s place.

He came back after three hours and enthusiastically said that he has taken great shots of an Anax Imperator dragonfly laying its eggs. You can see this above.

He planned to take more dragonfly pictures, but his memory card was full, so he took another one from the car and was ready to leave.

Martin and the princesses

Only then did he notice a young lady sitting nearby. “How did she get here? We are a far way off from any village.” “She is a princess and I have just broken her spell,” you answered.

Martin almost said something about the young ones who are crazy and irresponsible enough to wander about the wilderness, but he kept it for himself in the end.

When he left to find some dragonflies he saw the princess’s sad look. He was the one who saved her. Her sorrow resulted because he did not show any understanding or compassion about her troubles. At this point she was still in her fly stage.


Your time with the princess

Martin left and you and your princess were talking about amazing things she learned during her “being a fly” days.

She said, “Look here at those ants. They have real farms where they protect the aphids on the plants they eat and as a reward the ants get the honeydew released by the aphids.”

You can see a sweet drop of the honeydew produced by one of the aphids in this photograph.

“The ant is milking the aphid by stroking it with its antennae and he will transport the honeydew into the storage inside the anthill later.”

Martin is back

Her story was interrupted by Martin, who came back from his mission.

Unfortunately, he wasn't satisfied with the latest shots he had taken and he wasn't happy about having another passenger for the ride back to the town, because he had to clean up the back seats of his car.

A few minutes later you were leaving the unbelievable macro world and the atmosphere in the car was tense.

But you didn't care. You and your princess were sitting on the back seats and she whispered in your ear her plan of how to make the second hero break the princess’s spell


Today's lesson for photographers

The jumping spiders like the one above are always hungry.

The first princess has been saved, the third one is almost saved, but what about the second one? She is still out there; think about it!

What is YOUR favorite photograph in this post?

Let us know in the comments!

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