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Scott Kelby

Whoo Hoo - I am psyched!... PhotoExtract included me in their 27 Top G+ Photos for Oct 5.

I've been checking out their picks ever since +Guy Kawasaki mentioned them, and the images they pick are always amazing, so a bit shocked, but totally thrilled to see my Bucs/Colts game photo featured on their list.

Scott Kelby

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Catherine Hall About us and Google+

Google+ has flourished into a bustling online community for photographers – and one reason is the exceptional contribution of early adopters such as +Jarek Klimek, Editor of PhotoExtract magazine.

Jarek had the foresight to research the new social network and created an authoritative list of photographers to follow on Google+.

His viral list has not only become one of the top referring resources of photography trailblazers, it is also shared and watched by leaders such as Guy Kawasaki, Robert Scoble and Darren Rowse.

Jarek has helped introduce the work of great photographers to Google+ photography enthusiasts and I was very excited to share his insights with viewers on TWiT Photo.

Catherine Hall
TWiT Photo Host and Professional Photographer